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What is Bodhichitta?

May boddhichitta precious and sublime
Arise where it has not yet come to be.
And where it has a risen
May it grow and flourish ever more and more.

Boddhichitta is a feeling, deep from within when you recognize the suffering of another person and you see that no matter how much money, clothing, experiences, relationships, status, or physical ecstasy you give them, these things will run out and they will yet again suffer.  So bodhichitta is the wish for enlightenment to free these friends and yourself from an unending circle.

Boddhichitta has two aspects:  Aspiration and application.  In order for the feeling to even develop into an aspiration, there must be serious contemplation on what in this life will bring one lasting peace and fulfillment.  I use my mother for this exercise.  She has rheumatoid arthritis.  Her hands and feet are twisted and knotted  and she is in financial difficulty, but the government and health insurance companies will offer her no coverage because she has a pre-existing condition.  She also helps raise her grandson and provides for him.  My mother is kind and generous with great devotion, yet she continues to suffer.  My mother gave me this opportunity to be a human being this time around.  She nurtured and took care of me as a child, teenager and adult.  I can never repay her for her kindness. 


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